Monday, November 30, 2009

Hong Kong - The Journey To

Aeroplane engine hum.
Familiar lonely song.
Suspended between worlds.
Worlds which are only
A few seas apart.

The vibrancy of change
Which strikes bolts of fear
And love
Through hearts.
An ode to the engine,
Hum, song.
The shrinking world.
Grand bass of my life.

Ripped from tender,
Post uteric.
Loving relationship.
Ripped and kicked far away.
Time zone change.
Internet phone account.
Frequent flyer discount;
Privilege cards in glittering

Global personna.
Lonely and lost.
Craving I no longer know
It was until economies melted,
A two up two down.
A Georgian brick terrace.
My lover and a garden.

Now any excuse to work.
I need money for pens.


  1. Gorgeous. Beautiful description of a plane and the feelings it brings.

  2. oh! you feeling sad makes people so happy!