Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emigrating Today

New Places,
The confusion of
The unknown to
The excitement of
The exploration.

A heart beat,
A new phase,
A different page.

Like any step,
Fear and sadness.
Lost and found.

New people with
New hair cuts.
Ever more
Distant hands
Waving goodbye.

A change bridged
By love.
Beautiful connection.
To beautiful to loose.

I probably should
Be packing.
Not writing poems.

What will this change
What will this change
I don't know,
The easy road is usually


  1. I think you have it wrong. You SHOULD be writing poems and nothing else. Because they never cease to amaze me.

  2. i especially like the last stanza

    "what will this change

    dont know how much thought you put into ending the line on change, but I think it works incredibly well, as if to say, even if for a second, "What will this change?" It gives off this existential "whats the point of it all" air. So if that was what you intended, then well done. If not, then you know how it came across to one reader. peace

  3. I can always relie on you two2tooto (strange word). I really wish there was that much thought in my words. they come, my fingers comply with their relentless key tapping nature. but in some ways i hit return after change because the words forced me to. similar to when when toe nail clippings demand to be placed in the bin, even though you know they would be better making a carpet marual; annoying the loved one.

    right off now, this is all wierd, out of my window is the one of the tallest cities in the world, not a gentle english country park that was there yesterday.


  4. I'm sorry. I love your wandering ways. They bring about beautiful words. Even if they seem to make you sad.

    I know. I'm selfish.

  5. thanks for the music suggestions, I am always looking to expand my horizons musically (well in all ways I guess) I have a feeling I will download mass quantities of this dubstep you speak of as I have never heard of it. I like the idea of instrumental music, it solves the problem I have of hating most lyrics because they suck...instead letting the harmonies, dissonance, and resolution, all that musical and aural tension coalescing into something greater than itself...I find it to be much more thought provoking and inspiring...

    the beat overlaid with levels of sound lends itself to be owned by the listener, becoming a part of whatever they are doing...i always feel like Im in a movie when I listen to instremental...and i like it, its kind of a slow movie, but it has good parts