Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post apocalyptic balcony number 10

Scattered fragments
of unnecessary wounds
lacerate the air
Around KidCarl's world
Curled in a naked wheel arch
Throbbing reality nightmare
Awakened to the world
of violence
and lack of compromise.

The slashing
and the stabbing
and the dying
slows down

as people limp
territorial claims
to the bare walls of the tunnel

maybe to the wounded
to the dead
to the next time

almost shacking
maybe so
just does not know anymore

Please the husky voice of our angel.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post apocalyptic balcony number 9

Tunnel walls focus
To Enlarging

Reality breathing close
as life stutters
a quick dash people;
metal will scrape

brooding, echoing
Sonic waves colliding

before flesh
and metal come together
and screams hint at
loss, regret, honor or victory

screams of silent dead faces
tarmac comfort
in a cool cave like forgotten tunnel
blades move on

muscles tensed,
beads of sweat or blood
mixed in orange sodium gloom
a blade moves across a throat

no pause for a light hearted jingle
KidCarl was bleeding not dying
curled in an empty truck wheel arch
hands protecting ears from death rattle melody

Mong Kok boys
and ShaTin girls.
The remaining
leave to where they came from
Agro4 and adrenaline drained
Blood congealing
Hatred blossoming.