Friday, January 15, 2010


Poetry dissolves
in the commuter rush.
elbows in your kidneys
as a glass door
crushes your face.

Every day the cake people
smilelessly take
my $HK 5.50
for a mexican current bun.
but i smile 'umm goius'
and march along.

march to the lcd screen
of work
of productivity
of progress.

I sell you a vision
a vision of the future
where energy
doesn't corrupt

i believe this
i see a solution
i see green hills.
with rabbits bouncing.

but my shirt is
because image is

believe me
i am a engineer
i don't seek finance
i seek effciency

you ram your insipid orange financial pages downn my throat
compressed on the underground
on the tube
in the media
fuck you
economic gradients are diminishing
maybe one day
i can
renewable energy times in your face

and talk with pride about

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that was full of emotion. I liked it though :)