Friday, January 22, 2010

no thinking no corrections

day evening night
pressure exploding madness
trapped dreams evaporate
with each economically viable answer
take the pv's away
they cost too much
but save the island states
who are they
they're not on the news
or in the world cup
are they even real
maybe we can forget them
after all 'samsung LCD revolutions' dont distribute there
or coka cola
or cane cola
or pepsi
or suksi
or any fucking emapthy
to washed out homes
or floating corpes
or stagment ponds
with children
taking slurps
of death
they would never make uni anyway
there isn't one
they can't speak english
does that mean they don't count
fuck it all
fuck everything
fuck late entry copenhagen politics
fuck the fact that i ate today
and drank more than one beer
fuck me
i don't even count