Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Post apocalyptic balcony number 12

Kid Carl he stands,
And walks,
In a direction,
From Mong Kok,
Away from all he knows.
To Sha Tin.

The road a ribbon
Revolves under his feet.
The peripheral mountains pass by,
Amah Rock, unmanned tonight,
Observes in silent tears.

His chemically empty legs
Move like solid wooden trunks.
Each step a desperate step
To somewhere afresh.

The white lines move on
Rhythmically slow.

Mountains move by
Offering little comfort,
A silhouette against
City illuminated sky.

City lights become no nearer.

Soon The Blocks begin to pass by.
With Scattered lights.
Heads turn away;
And feet follow away.

A gentle fizzing light,
A low bass hum,
A wall unlit by broken
Offers a place to slump.

(the gentle fizzing light of the lazy orchid)

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