Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post apocalyptic balcony number 4

Down at The Lazy Orchid
Base flowed like mercury.
Emma sat, eyes of fire
Staring back from
Vodka shot meniscus.

The sparse drum beat
Indicates an architecture
To the liquidity
Her finger's
Tapped pensive

Inside The Lazy Orchid
Bare concrete
Punctuated with rusting re bar
Sound systems giving
Harsh lines living movement.

Bar man Dave
Water's Bar plant Marge
Laconic as always
No judgment
No questions

The base tightens
Emma's slices a slither of lemon
With a clever
And twists the three drops
Into the vodka

The rest of them
The Shatin Girls
Walk in.
Like a wake behind
Tinky and Winky.

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