Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cracks in a city's pavement

(not a word of this is true – it's an experiment in urban decay)

Whipped cream rushes
From stainless Steal Dispenser
Slide show shutter images
from last night
Amphetamine buzz
Post club retreat
Nitrous oxide from similar
Stainless Steal Dispenser
Balloon after Balloon
Trips in miniature
Getting closer, hands search
Cold sweat lips seek
Naked on a nylon carpet
She straddles me
Reddened chest
Pours whipping cream
Into that same Dispenser
Ejects an inverted cross
of cloud lite cream
down my torso
Devouring mouthfuls
sickly whipped cream
off quivering erect
cum scented body parts.
Until, too full of sick
my stomach flows like a torrent
down her back.
Pissed at me she shoots too much smack
Lips turn blue
I slip out of the flat
Passing ambulance crew
on dusty concrete steps
I held her hand to the last moment
but couldn't take another wrap like that.
Now alone, morning bistro
Not even sure last night existed
With all the scenes
laid to waste.
Cooked up some ket;
got rid of the bubbles;
found a vein;
Now with every whipped cream latte
another silent movie
a dream.

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  1. i love the last three lines the most.