Monday, June 7, 2010

Phantom Bike Shimmy

Almost like a ghost you come
You're unexpected.
You're unforgiving.
You're terrifying.

You walk into my life at high speed
Building up slowly
Catching my absolute attention
Hairs standing on end.

The familiar feeling of unease
That usually evaporates
But this time no, you're staying
Whispering tales of bitter ends.

A faint intangible wobble
Bike frame feeling like jelly
Rippling on a silver try
Each resonance closer to the end.

Breath in, this is it,
Tarmac at 50mph
But no, grasp the unknown
Fight like it's the last breath.

No longer a metal framed
carbon fiber reinforced
machine of substance
but an eel swimming between my legs.

Hold on, don't lock up,
Everything rides on this moment
Body swaying now.
But speed disappearing.

Finally jump off at the curb.
No traffic passed.
I wasn't spat from bike.

But my trusted bike is
Eerily perfect.
Rides true, all parts in order.
Just a brief moment of mechanical possession.


  1. "Hold on, don't lock up,
    Everything rides on this moment."

    I agree w-Margg. Great poem!