Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sorry, it's been awhile. Margg, thanks for the encouragement, this may make things make sense.

Experimenting with sobriety;
Bottle of vodka frozen into the freezer
with loneliness.

Endless days of energy and mediocrity,
Run here, row there, hear the vicious beat.
The bars of life palpable.

The sad realization of transition,
long drawn out waves
To a way of life.

The underground doors slide shut,
Two faces already pressed against the window
Kissing through the impenetrable but invisible barrier.

Knocking on thirty with a career,
that seldom makes me care.
A hole for my head peg.

The mountains speak to me again,
The sea's tides rock my rest bite.
The trees gently shade my emptiness.

My friend's words remain with me,
No longer lost in the soup of intoxication.
It's a new day, the sun slates through the occasional clouds.

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