Thursday, February 4, 2010


Why, when i listen to Bob Dylan,
Does everyhting fall into order.
it may be cliched,
it may be harking back to retro times
when i wasn't even a sperm.

but it all makes sense.
the lyrics that flow to meaning.
At times i have been inspired
while push bike riding down a
100km road in remote mexico
by captain arab and friends.

at times, like now i'm inspired
by the freedom
but it's always just the
personal meaning
that evolves
from the words
with the laid back strings
and the occasional harmonica

when i'm coming down hard
it sooothes
when i'm coming up hard
it drives

bob oh bob keep on going.

whenever i hear your new words
i think they're shit
but then i listen again
and again
because i know it'll be worthwhile

and suddenly bam
i am there, with an albume for life.

let me gamble on the jack of hearts.


(i only ever buy your albumes in mp3 format from internet retailers because i don't know why)


  1. Love Bob ylan as well. Since I was little girl, so he has brought me through a lot.

  2. Oh Bob Dylan - some days you just need to hear him.

    Kate xx

  3. All along th watchtowr,

    A tambourine man grinnd,

    At what lookd like a rolling stone,

    A-blowing in th wind.