Monday, October 12, 2009

Just Another Day

London, London, London. A friends birthday, another friends engagement celebration, a gig, a pub, a club. Lots of friends, some I hadn't seen for years, some I've only recently met. All the makings for night of madness.

London for me, at the moment is a good place to be. There seems to be something happening here, a large group of people who have found each other, through mutual love of music, mashing up, hanging out, chatting and honesty. Twenty or thirty somethings, careers and vaporous weekend memories.

The night moved beautifully along, driven by a soup of alcohol and extras. Lots of chats, belated hugs, dancing, silliness all over the place. I'm lucky I guess, when I get wasted I smile, I'm not a violent person, never get into fights, arguments or any of that rubbish.

The night slipped on, through peoples houses and the streets of London, bottles of taquilla, couches and music. Suddenly it was Saturday evening, where had the next day evaporated to. A friend cooked cous cous. The chat was incredibly honest and refreshing, people spreading the love between friends, laughing.. But finally after a quick couch snooze it was time to head to bed. To my surprise I got a text from a friend, who I really want to be a lover. She was inviting me to watch the sunset on Brighton Beach. So I went to bed smiling, excited about the next day.

And it was a beautiful day, we sat on the beach listening to green waves whisper hello as the clouds cleared and the west was red and yellow and orange - the end of a weekend. We went for dinner, then home, hugged deeply and caught trains going in opposite directions.

Now it's Monday, a new week of possibilities.

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  1. mmm, sounds like you had a good one. Those are the best times, the before - before we’re in too deep, before it goes too far, before she knows your flaws, before you know hers. The worst are the afters - after the fall, after you’ve gone too far, after she knows you inside out, after you realize you’ve made a mistake, after she realizes her mistake. Enjoy it while it lasts ;-)